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Writing the WA wheatbelt, a place of radical environmental change May 18, 2017 6.16am AEST

A message ploughed in the land calls on the federal government to help drought-affected farmers near the wheatbelt town of Kondinin in 2001. Liza Kappelle/AAP

Mercedes Benz Unveils Hybrid Car Powered by Solar Paint


We’ve seen vehicles with solar roofs that provide an extra boost of power, but the gorgeous Mercedes Benz Vision G-Code takes energy generation to a whole new level. The secret is the car’s paint, which is designed to generate power for the vehicle as an alternative fuel source. The Sports Utility Coupe is just a concept right now, but even if the vehicle doesn’t make it into production, the clever technology could be used to power cars in the future.

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The paint generates power in two ways: the first is by acting like a sort of solar panel to turn solar light into energy. The second is by generating power through electrostatic charging as the wind moves against the surface of the car. When added to the hybrid engine system, which includes an electric motor for the rear wheels and a combustion engine for the front wheels, the car combines power and clever sustainability.

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World’s second-largest beef exporter may exit market as Indian Government bans sale of slaughter cattle – ABC Rural – ABC News


One of the world’s biggest beef exporters is getting out of the market.

India, which accounted for 20 per cent of all the beef exported in the world last year, is dealing with tough new rules by the Government that ban the sale of cattle, including cows and buffaloes, for slaughter across the country.

The decision will have huge ramifications for beef markets around the world, including Australia.

“It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that they’re going to push to ban the sale of any cattle for slaughter,” market analyst Matt Dalgleish, from commodities firm Mecardo, said.

“So they are only looking at allowing dairy cattle and cattle for farm use.”

The ban on the slaughter and sale of cattle in India has been described as a move by the Indian Government to appease Hindu conservatives

2017 QLD – National Symposium on Beneficial Use of Recycled Organics in Degraded and Marginal Landscapes


2017 QLD – National Symposium on Beneficial Use of Recycled Organics in Degraded and Marginal Landscapes

National Symposium – Beneficial Use of Recycled Organics in  Degraded and Marginal Landscapes


Please submit your abstracts to Dr Maryam Esfandbod via with the subject line “NSRO”

15/06/2017 08:30 – 15/06/2017 16:30

Venue: Eco Centre, Nathan Campus, Griffith University