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Pig farmers struggle as cheap pre-cooked pork belly and ribs flood local market

ABC Rural

Posted about 11 hours ago

Australia’s passion for pork belly and sticky ribs could send the country’s pig industry to the wall.

In 2017, pig prices have so far fallen by more than a third, while the amount of imported pork continues to rise.

“We’re in a state of depression I suppose you would call it. We’ve just got a sea of meat and we can’t sell it at any price,” farmer John Bourke said.

An oversupply of pig meat in Australia and a sudden flood of cheap, imported, pre-cooked pig meat with a shelf life of up to two years are causing the sudden drop in prices.

The pig industry has always had to compete with cheap imported hams and bacon — because they are pre-cooked, the meats are allowed into Australia.

But now for the first time, cheap pre-cooked pork bellies and pork ribs are flooding the market, and being served at restaurants, takeaway shops and conferences across Australia.


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