Farming2020 Marks a Major Shift for the New Zealand Agtech Ecosystem


Editor’s Note: Peter Wren-Hilton is founder at Wharf42. Wharf42 was established in 2012 to support early stage Kiwi tech companies connect with Silicon Valley’s vast innovation ecosystem. It’s also a cofounder of WNT Ventures. This year he organized New Zealand’s first agtech conference Farming2020 and here offers his key takeaways from the event.

New Zealand’s annual Techweek initiative has just ended. Over 270 tech-focused events, representing multiple tech domains, were held across this South Pacific nation last week. Farming2020 was Techweek 2017’s signature event, giving centre stage to the country’s rapidly emerging agtech sector.

Farming2020 was hosted at the Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC)‘s Innovation Farm in New Zealand’s dairy heartland, the Waikato. It included an on-farm exhibition, where many of New Zealand’s most exciting startup and early stage agtech companies demonstrated their tech. In the adjacent Hooper Innovation Centre, major New Zealand agribusinesses detailed their strategies for increasing engagement with the country’s emerging agtech sector, over three days of intense presentations


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