Agrimoney Live




Taking place across three days, and covering four key themes, Agrimoney LIVE is the investors’ link to the food chain.

Click on the day below to see the agenda for each day.

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Agriculture is a volatile market prone to more sudden supply shocks than many others. In order to facilitate the continued, smooth functioning of agricultural trade in the face of such uncertainty, a vast market for agricultural derivatives has grown up.

Already, 2017 looks to be shaping up as an interesting year with, for instance, in wheat markets winterkill reemerging as a crop threat, and the robusta coffee market facing the prospect of another weak Brazilian harvest.

And this besides the overarching topics such as a new US presidency, Brexit, and China’s agriculture reforms.

What does all this mean for agriculture markets?



Changing agricultural times are bringing changes in the sector’s industrial shape too.

Many corporates have sought, through takeovers, to exploit economies of scale and boost research and investment capabilities. This trend has marked the seeds and agrichemicals segment in particular, witnessing mergers including Bayer’s $67bn takeover of Monsanto.

But a new wave of small companies, many offering fresh technologies, has emerged too.

Will the sector’s big players be able to maintain their dominance? We will ask what are the likely growth areas for agriculture, and consolidation dynamics.



Real assets are a major element of agricultural portfolios. But, after years of strong gains, land markets struggled in 2016, depressed by weak crop values, which curbed investors’ willingness to keep on paying higher prices.

Still, with many commentators noting a stronger appetite for commodities, including agricultural ones, as inflationary pressures return, will values recover?

Or will rising borrowing costs which are likely to be sparked by higher inflation curtail price rises?

We will explore what the changing environment might mean for agricultural real asset prices.


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