Noble Foundation’s Buckner: Soil Health Must No Longer Take a Back Seat to Plant Science


Agriculture biotechnology is a very broad category within the agtech universe. And it’s increasingly grabbing the attention of venture capital investors; in 2016 Ag Biotech startups raised $719 million, a 150% increase on 2015 levels, according to AgFunder data.

This category encompasses startups using genetics, microbes, breeding techniques, chemistry, and other scientific processes to manufacture crop inputs — such as pesticides, fertilizers, seed, and soil additives, animal agriculture-focused products such as feed, and other services.

A nearly 80 years, much ag biotech research has focused on plant science and genetics to help farmers increase their yields with optimized crop varieties and accompanying inputs. Today, there’s a small but growing group of ag biotech startups focusing on the environment in which crops are grown, namely the soil and the soil microbiome.

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Source: Agfunder News


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