Iowa Agritech Accelerator calls for applicants


Why John Deere Invested in the Iowa Agritech Accelerator

Applications are now open for the Iowa Agritech Accelerator. The program will take on six startups from the region with an idea, intellectual property or prototype for agricultural innovation. Each will receive $40k in seed funding, as well as education and mentoring from a long list of strategic companies partnering with the program.

One of those strategic partners is agricultural machinery giant John Deere, which is making one of its first forays into the agritech investment space with this accelerator. Three members of the senior management team will be involved in the program including Chris Davidson, director of planning and business development of John Deere’s Crop Care platform — the division including spraying, seeding, tillage, and planting hardware. John Teeple, director of technology in the Precision Ag Technology Group (ISG) is also taking part, along with Lane Aurhur, director of the Digital Solutions Group. Each of the three will provide mentorship to different, relevant startups.

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